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Bulk Wine Merchant

Wine storehouses of 7500 hectoliter

Thermo regulated tanks

Nitrogen inerting tanks


infrastructure and material

Cellar with Barrel for the ageing of our wines,

temperatures and optimal hydrometry

Constitution of special cuvee,

suitable to the taste of every market

Quality control,

without any defect


Société d’Achat et Vente Directes de Vins de France

Bulk Wine Merchant

Reliable strategic and operational ways!

With our logistic centre situated in Beaune, at the heart of the Burgundy, we benefit from a geographical situation favoured for the transport and the export: highways, railroads, etc.

All the necessary attention is paid to the wines, to develop and amplify their original organoleptic qualities.

So developed, they are rich and delicate, sensual and refined, complex and pleasant, charming the palate of our customers.

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